Fishing isn't so relaxing when the fish fight back. Go deeper and deeper to find the most expensive catches. Upgrade your arsenal, defend your catches and keep your rope repaired.


  • Mouse - Control basket
  • LMB - Shoot
  • Space - Descend/reel in


  • Rope repair SFX - MPierluissi
  • Pick up Halberd SFX - dslrguide
  • Halberd swing SFX - Jagadamba
  • Water splashes SFX - InspectorJ
  • Fish caught SFX - magnuswaker
  • Bubbles SFX - EminYILDIRIM
  • Rope rip SFX - Godowan
  • Boldfinger font - imagex

Made for LD48, where the theme was "Deeper and deeper".

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